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Monday, March 23, 2015

Tips On How To Treat Your Girl Like a Princess

Believe it or not guys, there are lots of ways to get that beautiful girl to fall in love with you, without a love potion. Many men will spend hundreds of dollars on expensive gifts, love potions, and love quotes, but these are not necessary. Contrary to thought, most women are not turned on by expensive gifts, but this is not to say that they do not like them, only that they are not necessary in this sense. In order to get and keep that beauty, you need to learn how to treat your girl like a beautiful princess.

Compliment Her

Women love to be complimented on their appearance, intelligence, and creativeness. Just know that every compliment may not be appreciated, because there are some one line quotes, which may land you in the doghouse. Never compliment a lady on her physique, as this can be a turn off. Be creative, when you attempt this in order to appear sincere and not cheesy. An honest, flattering compliment will get your very far into the game, but always note that women have heard it all, so you must make sure that your techniques are appropriate for a specific occasion.

One-on-One Time

Men, women love one-on-one time, this will show that you care enough to spend quality alone time with her. Long walks and scenic drives are perfect adventures for getting to genuinely know someone, but be sure to utilize this opportunity to personally listen to her. This means that you must hang on to every word, find out what her goals and dreams are, during this time. Be sure to play the part, as well, because she is going to be eyeing your body language. Sometimes we underestimate the power of lending an ear to someone, as it is a part of caring deeply.

Romantic Dinners

Planning and preparing a romantic dinner for your girlfriend will definitely impress. This act of love is a special way to prove to someone that you care about their entire well-being. Ladies love romance and this is the best way to show her that you are a romantic male that aims to please. Candles, soft music, and dim lights will create an intriguing and loving atmosphere that will be perfect for this occasion. Always treat your girl like a princess, if you want her to fall head over heels in love with you.

Gentle Touch

Gentle touches can be used in certain instances, but you must take the appropriate approach. Never touch a lady’s booty, upper thigh, or her chest area, because you will get slapped. Crossing the touch barrier should not be attempted, in the early days of your relationship, but further into it. Let her take the first step into this process, so that you do not come off as being overbearing or pushy, which will definitely turn her off quickly. Lightly brush her hand or arm, while watching her facial expression and body language. If she refuses your touch, she will become jumpy, which may be a sign of rejection. This is a daring approach to testing her feelings and should only be used in specific cases.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to Impress Your Husband or Boyfriend

If you're in a happy relationship with a guy, then chances are that you want things to stay that way. Few things beat knowing that someone loves you and is going to be there to put an arm around you whenever you have a hard day but you need to work at a relationship to ensure that it continues going smoothly and goes from strength to strength. If either party in any relationship fails to put the effort in, then it's only a matter of time until the other party gets fed up or starts to become resentful.

But it's not just about putting in effort, it's also about knowing how to impress. It's about knowing what a guy looks for in a girl and which boxes you need to tick to keep him beaming with pride and excited to every time he's going to see you.Read on to learn the secrets to successfully impressing your partner…

Be Independent

It's a mistake to think that your guy wants you to hang off of his every word. In fact the opposite is true and what really impresses men is a woman who is independent and who knows her own mind. This means having your own pursuits and interests, having your own group of friends and being the one to bring him down to Earth when he's on an ego trip.

Take an Interest

While you don't want to hang off your man's every word, that doesn't mean you should completely ignore him and his interests. Guys will be flattered and impressed if you take the time to show an interest in their hobbies. Of course it's only fair that you expect the same in return though!

Take Care of Yourself

Men are impressed by women who take care of themselves. This is true not only in a shallow way but also in the deeper sense that it suggests positive things about your self-esteem and self-awareness. This doesn't just mean makeup and high heels either but maybe hitting the gym once in a while, moisturizing and generally being healthy.
And if this also makes you all the more attractive? Well then that certainly won't hurt…

Muck In

A lot of guys do like girly girls who spend a lot of time beautifying themselves and it would be a lie to say otherwise. But if that means you're going to make a fuss whenever you have to do something physical, sporty or a little messy then you will end up coming across as a princess. It's a certain type of guy who wants a princess for a partner and probably not the kind of guy you'd want to date.

Wit and Charm

A woman who can make a guy laugh is a woman who will have no difficulty getting her guy to stick around. Men might seem shallow but if you're smart, sassy and funny you'll be twice as interesting as any bimbo.


Many of the items we've looked at on this list are simply examples of confidence and high self-esteem. Arrogance is not attractive but it's incredibly impressive to men when a woman carries herself with confidence, speaks up and doesn't mind being the center of attention sometimes. Be capable, strong, charming but humble when called for and you're guy will stick to you like a magnet!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Extraordinary birthday gift ideas for your girl


If you read any article or a magazine about this topic it's always mentioned that to give her flowers, give her a birthday cake or chocolate or what ever, or buy her a beautiful dress on her birthday as a gift. But as guys there are no limits of aspects which we can approach to impress your girl in her birthday. Read the article and you will find out the little little things that you might have missed.

Create her a handmade birthday card

Almost each of you includes  a birthday card in the present you give to your spouse. It has been somewhat a tradition for quite a decades. Most of guys tend to purchase a Birthday Card from some where and write something there and give it away. No offense, but why won't you be a little bit exceptional without being sloppy? Just take a piece of cardboard and fold it as a card. Use some colorful pencils or pens. Write your own ideas about her in few lines. Just add some simple decorations.You will have your own hand-made birthday card in about Thirty minutes. Take the pride. Some might think it might look little bit weird or not professional, but the fact is you have put your own twisted mind to make it up. She will really love it no matter how it looks like.

Sing your own little verse or song for her

Sing_for_your_girl_birthday_gift_ideasYou don't need to be a  good singer or a song writer. You can just take a piece of paper and a pencil and write anything you would feel about her in about fifteen minutes at lease you will have about ten to fifteen lines written. Now try to add a melody to it. it does not matter whether the melody already exists or used in another song, she won't mind it. If you are good at singing or in music you can do it in a professional manner.
In my opinion if you are not good in music, is the best thing to do ever. She knows that you can't sing right? She will be really impressed and surprised when you try to do something like this. She will begin to feel how much you love her. I'm sure if you could just try this with her she will start to love you more than ever.
I have done it my self. And it was amazing to her. If you are physically away and your girl friend's having her birthday, you can record a simple love song for her and send it to her. You don't need a professional camera to do so. You can use your smartphone, personally recently one of my friends was away and he managed to send her a song clip recorded with his new HTC One M9 and believer , his girl friend was amazed and surprised to see it.

Draw her a portrait of her with your own hand

If you're in a mind of presenting your girlfriend a great birthday gift this is the most effective one. Try to hand draw a portrait of her. It might  get sketchy, but I must admit that this required a quite a skill and practice. My opinion on presenting her a portrait which has been drawn someone else would not imply that hard and quality essence of love in her thoughts comparing to a your own handwork.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Relationship Advice For Men - Smaller things make big differences


When reading relationship advice for men in magazines or newspapers, most men are encouraged to focus on flowers, weekend getaways and jewelry. It is a concept that seems to attract more and more superficial individuals. Perhaps those articles are written by frustrated or materialist ladies. On the other hand, the real man knows that longterm happiness is what he should aim for. So what are the most important tips to get you started and put you on the right track?

Surprise her all the time

This is by far one of the most important relationship advice out there. Can you remember your first days together, when you used to surprise her with flowers, candies or chocolate? Perhaps you should get back to those times. Fail to do so and she will inevitably assume that she is no longer special. The truth is that you have to surprise her everyday. Plus, you must never take her for granted because she is not obliged to be there for you or do anything for you. It is true that the flame tends to fade away after a while, but keep it burning with constant surprises.

Get some goals

No lady will ever admire a man who has no goals in life. Whether you are lazy, you live your life without engaging into anything special or you have no clue what you will do one year from now, such things have to stop today. Women want someone who looks stable and aims for success. You need a dream and you need to persevere toward it. Otherwise, she will imagine herself as one of those housewives with a low paid husband, three kids who hate their dad and a low income that will never offer any opportunities in life. You do not want that either.

Put yourself in her shoes

But do not do it literally. Successful couples manage to face the test of time by seeing unexpected situations from an objective point of view. Basically, both partners learn how to see a situation from each other's perspective. Even if your partner does not do that yet, one of you has to start. Listen to her point of view and be objective before drawing any conclusions. This is part of a top notch communication.

Respect her

To a man, chivalry might look old fashioned. It was popular a few hundred years ago. It was quite common during the past century too. In a lady's eyes, chivalry will never die. This aspect can never be overrated. In a world that looks superficial, being respectful makes you a real gentleman, especially when treating your loved one. A chivalrous attitude is inevitably associated with respect.

Be proud of her

Every woman in the world wants to feel appreciated, so do it. Tell her whenever you are proud of her. Not convinced enough? Try picturing your life without her. If you still fail to do it, perhaps you need relationship consulting. Some men only appreciate things they lose, but at some point, it might be too late for them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Great Anniversary Ideas - Stay together at Home

Spend an evening with no technology, just the two of you.

Technology eases our work as well as it is some kind of a disturbance to the natural lively habitat. If you or your spouse are Tech Geeks then most probably your relationship could get less active and rubbish. We all use mobile phones, computer, social media and yes mentioning that we are some kind of addicts to them is not a lie. So in your anniversary day show each other that neither of  these are more important than your relationship.

Make wine or beer together.

Drinks and Scotch are mandatory if you live in a European country in your  anniversary. So why don't you make your own? Just spend some hours with your spouse and make 'em together. It's not just wine, you both will get time together the most important thing

Learn something new about each other. How?

Do you want to learn more about your partner? Ask them. Ask anything. Be open to each other. This will give both the chance to be more open and discuss pros and cons of their lives.

Play a romantic game together

My opinion play a rotating bottle game or a card game. Go to your own version of the game. Let the other one win purposely and let 'em feel it.

Plan your retirement

You might be young. But you have to plan your future. It's better if you can do it together. Anniversary day is the best day to do so. It will implement certainty of each other in each others' mind.